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It's Tax Time

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers a range of benefits and credits for persons with a disability or those who are caring for a dependant with a disability. Notable Federal non-refundable tax credits include Disability Amount (Form T2201) and Medical Expenses. For more information, go to and

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a plan that provides long-term financial security for a beneficiary who has a severe impairment in physical or mental function. For more information, go to

In 2015, the BC government is introducing the new BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit to improve the affordability of child care and assist families with the cost of raising young children. The BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit, which is part of the Province’s Early Years Strategy, is a tax-free monthly payment of up to a maximum of $55 per month – or $660 dollars per year – for each child under the age of six. Benefits are based on the number of children in the family and the family's net income. To be eligible to receive the benefit, families must file their 2013 personal income tax returns even if they have no income to report. For more information on the BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit, please visit the Ministry’s website at: