Children Birth to Aged Five

Are you concerned about your baby, toddler, or preschooler? For example, perhaps they are having difficulty sitting unsupported, walking, or talking?

If so, our early intervention team is ready to empower you with strategies to help your child become more independent, discover their abilities, and learn new skills.

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The service plan for your child and family may include:

Family Consultation 

Provided on specific topics identified by you as priorities for your child’s development. We are able to share ideas about how to encourage your child’s development at home and in the community.

Parent/Caregiver and Child Program

We offer several fun, play-based programs for parents/caregivers and their child, such as Mother Goose, Infant Massage, CALM Connection and Play Groups.  We also provide parent/caregiver and child groups for children working on developing similar skills and provide opportunities for you to learn how to practice new skills with your child. These programs help parents/caregivers learn ways to encourage language and social/emotional development, as well as provide opportunities for parents/caregivers and children to strengthen their relationships. They are also a great opportunity to meet other parents!

Parent/Caregiver Education & Training Program 

Providing opportunity to learn about child development, parenting and other early years topics.

Community Consultation 

We are available to consult with community programs (e.g., preschool or daycare) in order to foster your child’s development and encourage successful inclusion in these environments.

Individual Sessions 

Occasionally we may provide individual sessions focused on specific goals for your child.


Your team members meet, formally and informally, to discuss your child’s services and to share ideas and strategies with each other in order to support your child in reaching the priorities you have identified.

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