Programs and Services

The Fraser Valley Child Development Centre provides early intervention, school aged and specialized services that are community-based, accessible, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of children and youth at all stages of their development.

Services are delivered in a culture of excellence, diversity, and respect, with a focus on innovation, quality, stability, and positive outcomes for each child or youth and their family.

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Depending on your child or youth’s individual needs, the following programs and services may be provided:

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Infant Development, Infant/Child Development, Supported Child Development

Families with children birth to five years of age are usually introduced to the services provided by FVCDC by a Developmental Consultant. The consultant, as the primary service provider, will support the family through the process of developing and implementing a plan that is based on the family’s priorities for their child. The consultants support parents to access FVCDC therapies as appropriate, interact, play, and incorporate suggestions into daily routines in a way that will encourage their child’s development within the home and community.

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Preschool and Child Care

Child Development Consultants assist families who have children with diverse abilities to access inclusive childcare that meets the needs of the family. Services are provided to children from birth to twelve years of age in early years settings such as StrongStart, preschool and childcare.

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Family Support

A Family Support Worker support families who are receiving Early Intervention services from the Centre. Their focus is to build on the strengths and capacity of each family. They provide supportive counselling, parent support, referrals, coordination, resources, information, and advocacy for families upon their request. They also collaborate with the child’s team within the centre and the community.

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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapists focus is a child’s success in the areas of productivity, self-care, and leisure. They work to enhance a child or youth’s independence with everyday skills such as feeding, dressing, seating, toileting, age-appropriate play skills, hand function, and sensory processing.

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Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists help with concerns about your child’s movement and physical independence. The Physical Therapist will be looking at your child or youth’s physical abilities at each stage of their development to assess such skills as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, climbing, running, and jumping.

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Speech and Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapists help infants and preschool children who have difficulty communicating with speech, language, and hearing disorders. Their goal is to help these children communicate to the best of their ability at home and in the community. Fee for Service Speech and Language Assessment and Therapy for school-aged children is also available.

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Assessment Clinic

Located in Abbotsford, the assessment clinic provides multidisciplinary team-based assessments for the diagnosis of Autism or complex developmental and behavioral disorder (such as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum), through a contract with the Provincial Health Services Authority. Privately funded assessments also available.

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Key Worker

The Key Worker assists the families and caregivers of children and youth who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and other complex developmental behavioural conditions (CDBC). Key Workers provide support for families during the diagnostic process, advocate for services and disseminate information specific to the child or youth’s needs and is a family centred, community-based program.

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Behavior Support

The Behavior Support program provides behavioral consultation and individualized interventions to children and youth with developmental needs who have significant behavioral challenges. Parental Support and education are also components of this program.

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Early Childhood Mental Health Program

The Early Childhood Mental Health program is provided in partnership with school districts, the Ministry of Children and Family Development, preschools, and daycares. Services include individualized programs and specialized groups responding to children and youth with social emotional needs. (Abbotsford).

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Kindergarten and Beyond

Providing an extensive network of support to children with social emotional concerns through awareness, education, prevention, and early intervention strategies. CALM Early Learning groups implement preschool and school age programming for children who have difficulty managing their behaviors and emotions. Learn more about the CALM Curriculum here.

Working Together

Our team is committed to working together with you and your family to realize your family’s priorities. The Welcome Guide details the responsibilities of staff and the responsibilities of families.

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