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Collaborating Together

Cassidy is a young preschooler with a moderate sensorineural hearing loss. She spends much of her week with Barbra Bamford at Tadpole Academy and during a visit last year it became apparent to Carolyn (BC Family Hearing) that the classroom acoustics were having a big impact of this little girl. In collaboration, Carolyn and Kari Penner (FVCDC Suported Child Development Consultant) put together recommendations for some adaptions to the classroom to help improve the acoustics and create a better learning environment for Cassidy.

The Chilliwack Elks' Lodge was approached in hopes of financial support for this venture. With Jerry Werniche's help he approached his Lodge and they agreed to fund the adaptations for the Tadpole Academy. On March 3rd, the Chilliwack Elks' Lodge presented their cheque. 

Together they were "Helping Kids Shine". Thank you