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As professionals we encourage you to refer a child who you believe has a developmental concern to our centre. We accept referrals for children:

• Who have both short term and life-long needs;

• Who have delays in communication, fine motor, and/or gross motor skill development;

• Who are at risk of developing delays. These include children born prematurely or who have suffered prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol;

• Who have identified special needs / disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism;

• Children with significant behaviours and/or social emotional concerns.



We believe that all families want their children to develop to their highest potential and we will do our best to:

  • foster, build and reinforce the strengths, assets and strategies families already possess;
  • empower children and their families with support and guidance;
  • provide resources while respecting the families individual values, beliefs and cultural practices.

The Fraser Valley Child Development Centre has an integrated multi-disciplinary team approach. Each child/family is assigned a Primary Service Provider who helps families set goals around their child's development and assist in meeting those goals. This person has access to a team of professional with expertise in all areas of development, who provide consultation and recommendations for each child's growth, learning and development through visits, clinics, groups or therapy.


Our work focuses on child development – supporting, advocating, and empowering children, families and professionals. At the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre, we:

  • Support and Strengthen the parent/caregivers natural ability to enhance their child's development through Early Intervention, School-Aged and Specialized Services.

  • Continue to nurture strong partnerships with other agencies to support children and families to maximize our collective impact through joint efforts.

  • Provide services that are evidence based, outcome measured and impact driven.

  • Recognize our staff to be the most important asset of our organization and we engage staff in service delivery, quality assurance and wellness committees and well as training and education development leadership.