The CALM Curriculum© is an innovative Canadian play-based curriculum specifically developed for young children, that connects neuroscience, theoretical research and positive psychology to support and strengthen their social and emotional well-being.


The CALM Curriculum© is an evidence-based and research informed program for children aged 4 - 7 years, their educators and their parents/caregivers. The 10 week program is designed to teach self-regulation skills to help cope with life's stressors and strengthen student's social and emotional well-being, while increasing the educators/parents knowledge and skills in supporting these areas. Children learn about their energy arousal states, emotions, problem solving strategies, impulse control, moral development, kindness and more.

The CALM Curriculum© is aligned with the BC New Curriculum, fostering the skills children will need for life long success, including empathy, social responsibility, and self-management. In addition, this universal program, with prevention and intervention elements builds resilience and protective factors.


The The CALM Curriculum© is being widely used throughout the Fraser Valley with all four School Districts of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission and Fraser Cascade's implementing the program in their Kindergarten classrooms and in many regions, implementing in their StrongStarts.


Educators who have implemented The CALM Curriculum© in their classrooms state "the program is user friendly, easy to implement, educational and fun".


The children are:

  • More helpful and acceptiong of others;
  • Demonstrating more acts of kindness;
  • Interacting and participating in group activities;
  • Resolving conflicts with strategies provided;
  • Regulating their emotions more successfully;
  • Able to identify and understand their emotions.

School Adminsitrators have stated


"We could immediately see how this program could assist our students in learning how to monitor their own behaviours, make appropriate choices and learn skills to self-regulate... I am sold on CALM and believe it is an essential program for our early learners".


The CALM Early Care and Learning Framework

The CALM Curriculum© is creating a trajectory of positive change in the social and emotional well-being of young children and has become a component of The CALM Early Care and Learning Framework. This framework connects neuroscience, theoretical reserach, positive psychology and intentional praxis to strengthen and support the social and emotional well-being and capabilities of

  • children (birth to eight years)
  • child care providers
  • early childhood educators
  • parents/caregivers
  • schools
  • community

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