FVCDC PlayWorks!

PlayWorks is a FREE drop-in opportunity for all parent/caregivers to play and encourage their child(ren)'s emerging skills in a safe, inclusive, community setting.

Due to current COVID-19 circumstances we have moved to an online format.   To experience PlayWorks! in your home feel free to check out our selection of videos being posted regularly.  

Everyone welcome!

FVCDC PlayWorks Virtual Circle One

FVCDC PlayWorks Virtual Circle Two

FVCDC PlayWorks Virtual Circle Three

FVCDC Playworks Virtual Circle Four: Craft Time

FVCDC Play Works Virtual Circle Five

FVCDC Playworks Little Listeners: Songs for Babies and Toddlers

FVCDC Playworks Little Listeners Two: Songs for Babies and Toddlers

FVCDC Playworks Virtual Circle Six