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Today’s families are more complex, often with single parenting, blended families, financial stressors and increased mental health issues. Families also experience systemic and intergenerational challenges such as poverty, trauma, violence, and colonization.  Having a child with developmental needs brings unique and complex issues and stressors for families, that can result in caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue.

Donate to the Family Emergency Fund Today!

Funds will go directly to children and families.

This occurs through four areas.

  • On loan equipment such as adapted furniture and equipment such as adapted bikes.  Kids grow rapidly in the early years and it is costly to parents to purchase these items so we have it available on loan.
  • Emergency funding to support families in attending medical and child development appointments which comes in the form of gas cards, bus tickets, and cab fares.
  • Community outreach such as the CALM  program which was created to strengthen and support the social and emotional wellbeing and capabilities of children birth to 8 years old.
  • Multicultural services such as translation services for families.

Why we need your support

With the provision of more services we can reach more children with developmental needs. The areas of priority with your support would be:


Early identification with supporting families

Need: Large caseload of children 0-5 years needing early intervention.

Your support will:  Enhance the ability to reach more children and group therapy interventions.


Helping children to learn

Need: High numbers of referral of children with social emotional support needs.

Your support will:  Enhance the provision of the CALM groups for children pre-school to grade 3.


Coaching & Supporting families

Need: Families today are more complex; often with financial barriers and stressors.

Your support will: Give families direct support and help provide resources for families in need.

Legacy Dollars - Building for a future

Your support will: help us to expand services and facilities for the children and families of the Fraser Valley.


At FVCDC we believe in our organization. We believe in the great work we do, the great people who work here, and mostly the children and families we support. We invest in our organisation in many ways but in this case, with our payroll donations. Since 2010, FVCDC staff and board members have generously donated over $75,000 through the annual payroll campaign in support of the services provided by our centre.


Most non profits excel simply because their community cares. We are thankful for our friends who have volunteered their time; donated generously to financially support our services; and those who have participated at our annual events. Our corporate and community partners - business, government agencies, services clubs, and individuals, generously support the sustainability of our services. With this support and commitment we are "Helping Kids Shine" and we can:

Reach more children with developmental needs;
Provide the best quality of care for children with abilities;
Build upon resources and adapted equipment to support a child's growth and development;
Build the capacity in the way our community cares for all children.