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children UNDER 6

The Next Step Autism Program provides 1 to 1 early intensive behaviour intervention for children under six. The program operates in a public school classroom in Abbotsford, and Chilliwack. Children receive approximately 10 hours per week of individualized therapy from a qualified Behaviour Interventionist. These sessions occur at the same time each day from Monday to Friday.


 There are four (4) scheduled timeslots available for your child. Typically, these timeslots are assigned twice per year (September and July). Parents are asked in advance to select their preferred times, as we know it is important to accommodate the child’s other activities as well.  We try our best to accomdate requested times.

Daily Sessions

During your child’s daily session, the Behaviour Interventionist will work on goals highlighted in the Individualized Program Plan. Goals in your child’s Individualize Program Plan will include areas such as academics, social skills, play skills, receptive language, expressive language, oral motor skills, gross motor movement, fine motor movement and behaviour. Date is collected on a daily basis and progress will be tracked by both the Behaviour Interventionist and therapists (SLP, OT, BC). Goals will be removed as they are mastered and generalized, with new goals being added as needed. Your child will have opportunity to work on social skills during group activities, play time and circle time.


The cost of the 1 to 1 Intervention is approximately $1,866.00 per month. This cost includes an average of 8 hours per week of direct intervention and monthly consultation from BC. The OT and SLP will also provide input on your child’s program.

We can be your 'Next Step'

To learn more about the Next Step Autism Program and how it can help your child, contact Laurie Tattersall, by phone at 604.852.2686 (toll free: 877.850.2686) ext. 2273: or Ofelia Flores, Behaviour Consultant, by phone at 604.852.2686 ext. 2257;  or via email at

For more information, contact Kari Yelland, by phone at 604.852.2686 (toll free: 877.850.2686) ext. 2237.