Silent Auction Art Speaks Loudly

If there is a visual image associated with Rick Mercer, it has to be the vibrant colours of the graffiti-covered Toronto alley way where he films his weekly "rants". The birght, loud colours splashed on brick walls in a gritty back alley are the perfect backdrop for his equally loud and gritty commentaries on current events.

It is this association that led organizers of the upcoming Rick Mercer Rant and Raise to the idea of having an artist create an art piece during the event - something that would reflect both Rick's ranting voice and give voice to the famlies supported by the event. Contemparary artist Linda Klippenstein was chosen for this task and she is excited to be part of this fundraiser for the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre and Matthew's House.

I love Rick Mercer and I love both these organizations. It's a great opportunity for me to be a part of this and support this work." - Linda Klippenstein, artist


Klippenstein is a mixed-media artist who creates art in a variety of styles. For the Rick Mercer Rant and Raise she will create a piece on-site that pays homage to the vibrant voice of Mercer's rants and a piece that can be incorporated into any contemporary environment.

"The goal is to have a fabulous art piece for someone's home or office that will have a dynamic, colourful, vibrant feel", she explains.

Klippenstein has recently been exploring resin art which she will create that evening adding vibrant colours. These are poured onto a prepared canvas. At the event, she'll be working in a roped-off area with the canvas close to the ground so that guests can see the work in progress. The art piece will be sold by silent auction that evening. Klippenstein loves the way art has been incorporated into this unique fundraising event.

"People who come will be supporting two really great organizations that do important work in our community", she says. "It's gratigying to think that this artwork will go home with someone as a reminder of the evening and of the support they've given to Matthew's House and the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre. I'm so glad that my art can give voice to this work".

To see more of Klippenstein's art visit her website