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Practicum Student Observations

As movement specialists, physiotherapy aim to provide parents with the right therapy for their kids to improve locomotive behaviors and achieve functional goals or movement milestones. This week I had the pleasure to witness a child discover his own feet!

After preliminary crawling and place his feet in his mouth, his legs (body) primed the sensory systems (brain) to declare that his feet are part of his body!

I watched in amazement when the child repeatedly lifted his legs and smashed them to the floor (proprioceptions), then he extends his back and thrash his legs around (motor experimentation).

To most people this looks like normal kid play, but I was ecstatic at how the child was creating his own input to his feet, and his feet are telling him "HERE I AM". These are the preliminary steps to standing!

The brain tells the body to move, and the body tells the brain where it is. Beautiful. To watch a child begin to integrate his feet and mind is quite the amazing experience.

~ Justin, Physical Therapy Student