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Helping Kids Shine

On Saturday May 31st, FVCDC participated in a wonderful evening with six Abbotsford charities whose goals all include "Helping Kids Shine". We each had an opporutnity to share our story and we chose the follow excerpt and video.

"We care for a child's growth and development. We provide early intervention, school age and specialized services that are community-based, accessible, inclusive and responsive to the needs of children at all atages of their development. Services are delivered in a culture of excellence, diversity, and respect, with a focus on innovation, quality, stability, and positive outcomes for each child, their families, our staff and our community".

Together we are "Helping Kids Shine".



A “Sibshop” is a lively celebration of the many contributions made by brothers and sisters of kids with special needs. Through a unique combination of information, games and activities, a Sibshop provides an opportunity for siblings to:

• Meet other brothers and sisters of children with special needs in a relaxed, recreational setting.
• Talk about common joys and concerns with others who know what it’s like to have a brother or sister with a disability.
• Learn how others handle situations commonly experienced by siblings of children with special needs.
• Make new friends and have lots of fun!

Sibshops acknowledge that being the brother or sister of a person with special needs has both good parts and not-so-good parts.  Brothers and sisters may have feelings that are difficult to express, even to a friend: sadness that a sister can’t learn things that others take for granted, anger when a brother’s behaviour problems prevent the family from doing things other families do, or the special pride when a sibling with a disability learns a basic but important life skill after months or years of practice.  At a Sibshop, siblings can share these feelings with others who truly understand.

Please contact Wendy Bruzzese at 604-852-2686 Extension 230 for questions or to register.

Fraser Valley Child Development Centre - Plaza 154 
#105-32868 Ventura Ave,  Abbotsford

Date: July 3, 2014
Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Cost: $10.00


Dancing with the Stars

Some of Abbotsford's most well known community members will be in the spot light on Saturday May 31st at the Abbotsford Community Foundation's "Evening in the Garden" Gala. The evening's events are focused on supporting six charities in the Abbotsford, including the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre. Guests will be dazzled by four dancing acts, including:

 Jati Sidhu Jati Sidhu & Friends – Jati with some of his friends in the Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association
Mary Boonstra and Lorissa Amdt – These 2 ladies from the Business in Black Dancers
Denise Rathnam & Jason McElhoes – Denise and Jason used to do lots of ballroom dancing together in a previous life
Charlotte & Rob Lepp – Lepps Farm Market

You too can join the fun and cast your vote, today!









It turns out caterpillars tickle!

May is Physiotherapy month and a great physiotherapist we have on staff here at FVCDC forwarded an interesting read. The article talks about the magic of meeting nature on the way down to the duck pond. The author writes about the simplicity of nature and gives tips how to engage your child in movement with nature as your platform for exploration. For example:


To start, have her lie on her tummy and raise her seat up and down. Once she’s got the hang of it, show her how to raise her seat up, then inch forward as she brings it back down to the ground to create an “inchworm” forward crawl.


For an older child, have her stand and reach down, walking her hands out in front of her. Then walk her feet up to meet her hands.

Clara's Big Ride

This week is National Mental Health Week, May 5-11, 2014. This annual event to encourage people from all walks of life to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health. Visit for more information.

A great Canadian, Clara Hughes, has partnered with Bell Canada over the past couple of years working together to create a stigma-free Canada. This year Clara has embarked on an across Canada ride to keep the conversation rolling on Mental Health, helping to grow awareness, acceptance, and action to create a stigma-free Canada.

Clara will be riding into Vancouver on May 17th, and through to Hope on May 19th. Learn more about the ride, your local activities, becoming involved or donating in support through their social media platforms

Magical Moments in Therapy

There are moments in working with children that you just think “This is SO joyful, SO fun – I can hardly believe I get paid to do this!”  I had several such moments this week with children in the Sensory Motor groups we were running at the center. 

One little boy, struggling to even register where his body is in space and how to move it to effectively interact with his environment, had a brilliant imagination, which sprang to life on a swing.  At first, he treated the swing as his car, and began to imagine various obstacles along the way.  This got him shifting his weight, pulling and pushing to move the swing as he came up with ideas of avoiding the dangers!  The next day, he sprang into action again – and this time his metaphors travelled from one piece of equipment to the other as we hid in caves from bad guys, climbed over mountains and swam out of lakes of lava, balanced across gorges on narrow bridges, rode horses (bouncing balls) across deserts, and took on the monsters and rattlesnakes of the country.  Eventually Nana was called in to take a role, as a monster and a rattlesnake, and as she embraced her assigned roles, it was so exciting to stand back, as she began taking on the play, and through it, was achieving the therapy goals of helping him connect with his body and gain strength and control.  My perma-grin came from knowing I had passed the torch so that a parenting caregiver was empowered to provide what her child needed, while celebrating life and joy together. 

Another moment, in watching a mother who was struggling with the issues of attachment and compliance with her child, took the offered hands of her child in a dance, and the two of them danced face to face, both beaming and gleaming with shared connection and enjoyment. 

Therapy becomes art and life for us together - written by Diane S., Occupational Therapist with FVCDC for almost 20 years! Thank you for sharing Diane.

FREE Triple P Seminars

Small changes, big differences. FREE Triple P Seminars, Register today!

Seminars recognize the hopes and dreams for our children and family, while focusing on the realities of being a parent - relationships, expectations and children's behaviours. Participants will be introduced to positive parenting, its five key principles, the role of parenting laying the foundations for a child's success, and emotional resilience in children (what this means, why it is important, and how it benefits children).

Seminar 1 - The Power of Positive Parenting - Abbotsford April 30 & Chilliwack May 26
Seminar 2 - Raising Confident, Compentent Children - Abbotsford May 7 & Chilliwack June 2
Seminar 3 - Raising Resilient Children - Abbotsford May 14 & Chilliwack June 9

For more information or to reigster, please contact Kim @ 604-852-2686 ext.252

Earth Day 2014

Happy #Earthday! 

FraserValleyCDC staff did their part around the Abbotsford office picking up 20kg of trash. Thank you for taking part and making a difference in our community.

It's Tax Time

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers a range of benefits and credits for persons with a disability or those who are caring for a dependant with a disability. Notable Federal non-refundable tax credits include Disability Amount (Form T2201) and Medical Expenses. For more information, go to and

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a plan that provides long-term financial security for a beneficiary who has a severe impairment in physical or mental function. For more information, go to

In 2015, the BC government is introducing the new BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit to improve the affordability of child care and assist families with the cost of raising young children. The BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit, which is part of the Province’s Early Years Strategy, is a tax-free monthly payment of up to a maximum of $55 per month – or $660 dollars per year – for each child under the age of six. Benefits are based on the number of children in the family and the family's net income. To be eligible to receive the benefit, families must file their 2013 personal income tax returns even if they have no income to report. For more information on the BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit, please visit the Ministry’s website at:



Prospera Paint Crew

With paint brushes ready, window frames and walls taped and tarps on the floor we awaited for the Prospera Credit Union Paint Crew Volunteers. Quick into action the walls were soon being rolled with fresh paint at our Abbotsford and Chilliwack offices. Thank you so very much Prospera Credit Union your involvement with the United Way Day of Caring Initiative and a special thanks to all your volunteers today and this week. 

Thank you Volunteers

We are blessed to have many wonderful people come through our doors everyday. Volunteers at FVCDC come to us for many different reasons and stay with us for short and long periods of time. These volunteers are giving and want to help others, in this case help support children with developmental needs and their families.

Our Board of Directors are often our hidden treasures. They  give their time, energy, knowledge and kindness, helping to support our organizations mission "....enhancing the quality of life for children with developmental needs".

To all our volunteers, thank you!  Together we are "Helping Kids Shine"!


Light it up Blue - Cookies and Cupcakes

FVCDC's Next Step Autism Program in Abbotsford and Chilliwack participated in World Autism Day "Light it Up Blue" celebrations on April 2nd. We celebrated with all the amazing children and families in our Next Step Autism Program, with staff joining the fun!

Special thanks to our Behaviour Consultant, Janel, who did a fantastic job on the BLUE cupcakes and cookies.

Take a moment to learn more about our Next Step Autism Program


CBC and CKNW talk Positive Parenting

There was a buzz in the media last week with CBC and CKNW talking about Positive Parenting. Our colleague Kim Pilling was featured in a recent documentary and then interviewed on two radio programs sharing the guiding prinicples of Triple P - Positive Parenting.

A CBC documentary (featured March 27th on the DocZone) explored why there is an urgency to invest in early childhood, with growing trends of angry kids and stressed out parents.

CKNW's Bill Good interview with Kim was terrific with Kim explaining that Triple P - Positive Parenting aims to take the guesswork out of parenting, Helping parents enjoy being parents and helping children to develop well. 'Small Changes, Big Differences".

The Triple P Parenting strategies include:

  • developing good realationships with children;
  • encourgaing good behaviour;
  • teaching new skills and behaviours; as well as
  • managing misbehaviour.

Stengthening these skills will:

  • promote family harmony;
  • reduce parent-child conflict;
  • foster successful peer relationships;
  • prepare children for successful experiences.

To find out more information about Triple P - Positive Parenting, please visit or contact Kim directly at 604-746-4489

FVCDC Staff raise $$ for United Way

As a member agency, FVCDC staff had a great time at their Febraury all staff meeting and raised funds in support of the United Way of the Fraser Valley. Last week, our Executive Director, Karen McLean and Board Chair, Brian Gaudet, had the pleasure to present United Way, Executive Director, Wayne Green and Board Chair, Laurie Dyck, with a cheque.

Thank you FVCDC staff!

Collaborating Together

Cassidy is a young preschooler with a moderate sensorineural hearing loss. She spends much of her week with Barbra Bamford at Tadpole Academy and during a visit last year it became apparent to Carolyn (BC Family Hearing) that the classroom acoustics were having a big impact of this little girl. In collaboration, Carolyn and Kari Penner (FVCDC Suported Child Development Consultant) put together recommendations for some adaptions to the classroom to help improve the acoustics and create a better learning environment for Cassidy.

The Chilliwack Elks' Lodge was approached in hopes of financial support for this venture. With Jerry Werniche's help he approached his Lodge and they agreed to fund the adaptations for the Tadpole Academy. On March 3rd, the Chilliwack Elks' Lodge presented their cheque. 

Together they were "Helping Kids Shine". Thank you