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Magical Moments in Therapy

There are moments in working with children that you just think “This is SO joyful, SO fun – I can hardly believe I get paid to do this!”  I had several such moments this week with children in the Sensory Motor groups we were running at the center. 

One little boy, struggling to even register where his body is in space and how to move it to effectively interact with his environment, had a brilliant imagination, which sprang to life on a swing.  At first, he treated the swing as his car, and began to imagine various obstacles along the way.  This got him shifting his weight, pulling and pushing to move the swing as he came up with ideas of avoiding the dangers!  The next day, he sprang into action again – and this time his metaphors travelled from one piece of equipment to the other as we hid in caves from bad guys, climbed over mountains and swam out of lakes of lava, balanced across gorges on narrow bridges, rode horses (bouncing balls) across deserts, and took on the monsters and rattlesnakes of the country.  Eventually Nana was called in to take a role, as a monster and a rattlesnake, and as she embraced her assigned roles, it was so exciting to stand back, as she began taking on the play, and through it, was achieving the therapy goals of helping him connect with his body and gain strength and control.  My perma-grin came from knowing I had passed the torch so that a parenting caregiver was empowered to provide what her child needed, while celebrating life and joy together. 

Another moment, in watching a mother who was struggling with the issues of attachment and compliance with her child, took the offered hands of her child in a dance, and the two of them danced face to face, both beaming and gleaming with shared connection and enjoyment. 

Therapy becomes art and life for us together - written by Diane S., Occupational Therapist with FVCDC for almost 20 years! Thank you for sharing Diane.