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"Children are the base of our Society"

On Wednesday February 26th, the Violet Richardson Award was given to a young person from Abbotsford or Mission, who is going above and beyond in their efforts to great a stronger community. The Soroptimist International of Abbotsford-Mission members chose Yu Jin, as the winner of this award for 2014. This young 18 year olds words were amazing......

"Children are the base of society. It is necessary to nurture the potential of our children by providing the best possible conditions for them to thrive in. However, many children globally and locally do not live in prime conditions; instead, even just surviving day to day proves to be their main concern, preventing them from achieving their full potential. By helping change and heal the lives of children who are often helpless, we can solidify the base of society. Without healthy, secure children, the future of society will crumble as it is our children who will grow into the future community: our leaders in fields of politics and of science, our workers and our civilians, the heirs to a world that, once ours, will be passed down in full to their shoulders. It is vital to equip them to bear that weight, and this is the reason why I spend countless hours of my time contributing with passion and focus to improve the lives of children".

With this passion we see Yu Jin is sure to continue to do great things for all children of the world. Well done Yu Jin.