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CBC and CKNW talk Positive Parenting

There was a buzz in the media last week with CBC and CKNW talking about Positive Parenting. Our colleague Kim Pilling was featured in a recent documentary and then interviewed on two radio programs sharing the guiding prinicples of Triple P - Positive Parenting.

A CBC documentary (featured March 27th on the DocZone) explored why there is an urgency to invest in early childhood, with growing trends of angry kids and stressed out parents.

CKNW's Bill Good interview with Kim was terrific with Kim explaining that Triple P - Positive Parenting aims to take the guesswork out of parenting, Helping parents enjoy being parents and helping children to develop well. 'Small Changes, Big Differences".

The Triple P Parenting strategies include:

  • developing good realationships with children;
  • encourgaing good behaviour;
  • teaching new skills and behaviours; as well as
  • managing misbehaviour.

Stengthening these skills will:

  • promote family harmony;
  • reduce parent-child conflict;
  • foster successful peer relationships;
  • prepare children for successful experiences.

To find out more information about Triple P - Positive Parenting, please visit or contact Kim directly at 604-746-4489