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Best Candy In Town!

Where else can you get a supervisor who sings along to the radio on your way to home visits? Or where everyone's desk has a jar of pens — and one of candy — and you're allowed to take the candy whenever you want? Or where you get to play with toys all day, and still call it work? Where else can your office be a playground, or a tea party, or an art gallery (so long as Popsicle sticks count as art)?

Hi. I’m Camille Traverse and I recently completed an eight-week practicum working with a speech and language pathologist and as part of a multi-disciplinary team at the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre.

On my first day at the FVCDC I was overwhelmed by how competent everyone was — and how incompetent I felt in comparison. But my supervisor was there to guide me, and I learned immeasurable amounts in the eight weeks I worked here. I made friends, gained some incredible experience, and learned that there really are about sixteen different ways to play with a bouncy ball.

Without the incredible support, knowledge, and guidance of the incredible staff at the FVCDC, I would never be the clinician I am today. Ok, fine — I'm still a student. But ONE day, I'll be a clinician, and I am convinced that the experiences I have had here will make a big difference in my ability to assess and treat children with communication delays. I would recommend the FVCDC for any student looking to do a placement. Even if they didn't have the best supply of candy in town!

Camille Traverse, Practicum Student, 2009