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Are you faster than a horse?

A couple weeks ago I joined a physical therapy appointment and had such a wonderful experience which I wanted to share. I met a young family whose daughter has been with our organization since birth, and she is now four years old. The physical therapist was working on balance and movement, particularly the gross motor activites of walking and running. Together they had made up a challenge "Are you faster than a...." and arranged the animals according to Elena's priority - cat, chicken, horse, cow and the sheep is the fastest!


Having already been faster than a cat and chicken, today's challenge was to be faster than a horse! Together over the hours appointment we engaged Elena in a varitey of gross motor activities. It is amazing how creative staff are in to encourage movement and activity for each child. In this instance the Physical therapist, hid puzzle pieces in and around the balancing, climbing and stretching. This activity was during the rest period from the real focus of the apointment which was walking and running on the treadmill. Through a series of four opportunties, Elena worked hard to run as fast as a horse. And then Elena showed everyone how she could run faster than a horse.

I know Elana's has had more appointments over the past weeks. I wonder if she can now run as fast as a sheep? I bet she can!