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frequently asked QUESTIONS

What is the role of the Behaviour Consultant?

The Behaviour Consultant serves a multi-dimensional function in your child's program. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to:

The initial intake meeting with the family;

The initial and follow up assessments using the VB-MAPP; We are training to use the Early Start Denver Model.

Functional Behavioural Assessments;

Program Development;

Development of the Multidisciplinary Plan of Intervention (MPI);

Ongoing training of team members;

Preschool and School observation and support (if requested by the family);

Parent training and ongoing support.

What are the responsibilities of the Behaviour Interventionist?

One to one intervention;

Data Recording;

Communication with other team members and the family;

Attendance at bi-monthly staff meetings and/or training sessions.

Do you have a waitlist?

The Next Step Autism Program is a group based program with scheduled timeslots, therefore from time to time there may be a waitlist for services. Please contact us to learn program availability.

What are the costs of your program?

Please refer to the services page and program you are interested in, children UNDER 6 and private consultation. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Is there a travel fee?

There is a travel fee for the Behavioural Consultation services only. This fee will be discussed with you at the intake meeting.

My child does not have a diagnosis yet. Do you conduct diagnostic assessments?

No, we do not conduct diagnostic assessments. We will be happy to direct clients to a number of different private and public organizations which are able to complete an assessment for you.

How do I pay for Next Step Autism services?

Families will be on the Invoice Payment method. The Autism Funds Unit of the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD) will be billed directly. The MCFD will forward payment to the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre.

All services can be paid for with Autism Funds. Families may purchase more services if they wish.

What is the parents' role in their child's program?

The parents are responsible for:

Providing any and all program materials required for the proper implementation of the goals outlined in the child's IPP. Some examples of these materials are: flash cards, building blocks, toys, etc.;

Providing snacks on a daily basis for their child;

Participation in program goals and generalization of learned skills.

What is a Multidisplinary Plan of Intervention (MPI)?

The MPI is a report developed by the Behaviour Consultant in collaboration with the BI, SLP, OT and the family. This report will guide the day to day activities of your cihld during his/her session time. Your Behaviour Consultant will develop this report follwoing your child's assessment. A family meeting will be held to discuss the report, set focus goals and answer any questions.

How do we get started?

To learn more about the Next Step Autism Program and how it can help your child, contact Laurie Tattersall by phone at 604.852.2686 (toll free: 877.850.2686) ext. 2273; Ofelia Flores, Behaviour Consultant, by phone at 604.852.2686 ext. 2257; or to via email.

For more information, contact Kari Yelland, by phone at 604.852.2686 (toll free: 877.850.2686) ext. 2237.