We care for a child's growth and development. We believe that early identification and early intervention are key to giving each child their best future. Our goal is to reach more children with developmental needs earlier in their life and support their families on their journey. We provide early intervention, school age and specialized services that are community-based, accessible, inclusive and responsive to the needs of children at all stages of their development. Services are delivered in a culture of excellence, diversity, and respect, with a focus on innovation, quality, stability, and positive outcomes for each child, their families, our staff and our community. We are "Helping Kids Shine".


If you have questions about your child's development, you can make a referral to the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre. We also accept referrals from your family doctor, pediatrician, health nurse, and caregivers (with permission from the child's guardian). Participation in our programs is voluntary and we are a free service. We can be contacted Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm at the following locations:  
Abbotsford Office: 604-852-2686     Chilliwack Office:  604-824-8760  

Parents & Families

Do you have questions about your child's development? We have a family centered approach, you can trust that we can help.



As a professional working with children you may have questions about their development. We are here to support you.


Your Support

You have the power to influence a child's life through giving. Help us to reach more children in the Fraser Valley today and tomorrw.


Events, stories and news!


Over the Summer, sweet sisters Abrielle and Kherrigan stopped by the office to give a donation. It was Kherrigan's birthday and instead of presents, Abrielle suggested she ask her birthday party guests to bring a donation for the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre. Wow these girls are treasures, together their idea raised $250. Thank you girls and to all the family and friends that supported this idea. 




For many front line worker, professionals, caregivers and community members our days are often filled with witnessing trauma and suffering, we misplace caring for self while we care for others. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky will offer a complellingmix of personal insight, cutting edge research, and humour to help us understanding the cumulative toll of exposure to suffering (trauma) over time and gain skills to reconcile it.


Full Desciption of Transforming Trauma Training - pdf